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  • One inch margins top, bottom, left, right. Footers .5 from top and .75 from bottom. First page not different unless you are working with letterhead or otherwise need front page to differ.
  • Follow all style conventions listed in the style guide.
  • Right: XXX and No/100ths Dollars
  • Wrong: XXX and 00/100ths Dollars
  • Right: Exhibit A
  • Wrong: Exhibit "A"
  • Right: this _________________________
  • Wrong: this __________ day of _______________, 2013
    • When documents require blank lines, such as for dates, always include plenty of space in which to write the information.
  • Right: attorneys fees (attributive)
  • Wrong: attorney's fees (singular possessive)
  • Wrong: attorneys' fees (plural possessive)
  • In stating dollar amounts in words, use commas only in the places they would be used in the numerical representation.
  • In representing any number in words, the word "and" is used only once, and it represents the decimal point.
  • Columns of numbers are always decimal aligned.
  • Avoid unnecessary tabsets.
  • Words and sentences are separated by one space only. If words are to be arranged in columns, use tabs or tables. Exception: the typed name under a signature line may be indented by a few spaces as necessary to align the name beneath the underscore.
  • Documents to be left-bound and top-bound. What this means is that when stapled, or placed in a file, binder or folder, a document printed in landscape mode should he turned such that the TOP of the document is to your LEFT.
  • Headlines and kickers should be formatted as "keep with next."
  • Signature blocks should be placed in a two-cell table. The row should not break across pages. The text within the cells should be left-justified (documents in general should be fully-justified). The table should not have borders. Phrases such as "an Ohio corporation" are not to be included unless part of the company's actual legal name. Punctuation within a corporate name to match its articles of incorporation or organization exactly.


Nothing should ever appear in an address block below the line having the postal code. By way of example, the "Attn:" line should be the second line, below the name of the recipient organization.

File Names

Sent: Content description YYYY-MM-DD init.ext - where "init" is your initials Recd: Content description YYYY-MM-DD recd.ext If more than one version is generated on the same day, follow the DD with "a," "b," "c," &c.